PLC Programming

Industrial Automation
  • Introduction of a Automation
  • Introduction of Switching device
  • Relay and contactor
  • Circuit breakers
  • OLR
  • SSR

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What is PLC

• Block diagram of PLC • Architecture of PLC • Application of PLC • Sourcing and Sinking concept • Input-Output wiring of PLC • Programming Language of a PLC • Data files in PLC Programming • Downloading & Uploading of program • Description of a Logic Gates • PLC Programming on Simulator • Communication between PLC & PC

Advance Instruction In PLC

• Jump and label instruction. • SBR and JSR instruction. • What is Forcing of I/O • Monitoring & Modifying Data table values • Programming on real time applications • How to troubleshoot & Fault detection in PLC

SCADA-PLC Communication

How to communicate SCADA software with PLC and how to changes data from SCADA in the PLC's program. How to read & write data in the machane.

Ladder Programming

• Description of a Logic Gates • PLC Programming on Simulator • Introduction of Instructions • How to use Gates, Relay Logic in ladder logic • Addressing of Inputs/Outputs & Memory bit • Concepts of Latch & Unlatch • Timer & Counter • Compare Instruction • Math’s Instruction ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV etc. • Logical Gates AND, ANI, OR, ORI, EXOR, NOT etc. • MOV, SET, RST, CMP, INC, DEC, MVM, BSR, BSL etc. • SQC, SQO, SQL, etc.

PLC-VFD Communication

How to communicate PLC with VFD. how to create a automatic & manual system for the industry.

PLC-Sensors Communication

How to connect different type of sensors (NPN & PNP)with input of PLC like LDR, Temperature ,pressor, proximate and flow sensors (2 wires & 3 wires ).



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