PCB Designing & Testing

      Outcome on completion of the Course

  • Students can explore different aspects of Printed Circuit Board Design and fabrication.
  • Students can learn various types of PCBs. Schematic Design. entry Rules for Schematic Entry, Component Layout methods
  • Placement Rules, Routing Techniques for Single-Sided Board.
  • Post Processing of design and Fabrication documents.
  • After completing this course students can design and fabricate their own PCB for their Project and can also work in PCB Designing and Fabrication area.

Module 1 : Introduction to PCB designing concepts

a. Introduction and brief history of PCB

b. Trends in PCB designing  

c. Introduction to Electronic Design Automation (EAD)     

  • Different EDA tools    
  • Introduction to SPICE and PSPICE Environment    
  • Introduction and Working of PROTEUS  

Module 2 : Component introduction and their categories

  • Types of components
  • Component package types  

Module 3 : Introduction to development tools

  • Introduction of PROTUEUS ISIS software for schematic entry    
  • Introduction of PROTUEUS ARES software for PCB designing  

Module 4 : Detailed description and practical of PCB designing

1. PCB Designing Flowchart (Step by step)                                           2. Description of PCB Layers                                                                   3. Keywords & their description

  • Footprint    
  • Pad stacks    
  • Vias    
  • Tracks    
  • Color of Layers    
  • PCB Track Size Calculation Formula    

4. PCB materials

  • Standard FR-4 Epoxy Glass    
  • Multifuctional FR-4    
  • Tetra Functional FR-4  
  • NelcoN400-6    
  • GETEK    
  • BT Epoxy Glass    
  • Cyanate Aster    
  • Plyimide Glass    
  • Teflon    

5. Rules for track    

6. Study of IPC Standards  

Module 5 : Lab practice and designing concepts

1. Starting the PCB designing 

2. Autorouting  

3. PCB design practice

  • PCB Designing of Basic and Analog Electronic Circuits    
  • PCB Designing of Power Supplies    
  • PCB Designing of Different Sensor modules    
  • PCB Designing of Electronics Projects    
  • PCB Designing of Embedded Projects    

4. Post designing & PCB fabrication process

  • Printing the Design    
  • Eaching    
  • Drilling    
  • Soldering

5. Interconnecting and Packaging electronic Circuits (IPC) Standards    

  • Gerber Generation    
  • Soldering and De-soldering    
  • Component Mounting  
  • PCB and Hardware Testing    

Module 6 : Final Project work and documentation



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